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How Do You Know Your Business Web Designer is the Right One?

This is a very relevant question in today's Internet marketing world, given that businesses from around the globe (and even a few template services) are competing for your web design business. Given that nearly all of them can give you a business website that looks good, how do you choose the right one, or have any confidence that the choice you've made is right for you?

The best answer is to completely shift the way you think about business web design as a service. Rather than focusing on the way your next site is going to look for customers, think instead about what it's going to actually do for your company, and whether the team in question can deliver on their promises.

In other words, think about the end results, rather than simply the artistic process. That should lead you to questions like:

  • Is this company able to help me promote my business website in a way that potential customers can find me and I can generate sales opportunities?
  • Do I get the feeling that this designer or creative team will be easy to work with, and responsive to my questions and/or requests?
  • Will ongoing support and Internet marketing be included as part of their proposal, or is it going to be an afterthought for them after the site has been launched?

Once you have these kinds of questions in mind, you should be able to find the answers by looking through old case studies, sitting through consultations, or speaking with past clients. No matter which approach you take, though, make sure you understand what you're likely to get from the website beyond the pages themselves – in the end, that's what actually matters, and how you know you found the right web designer.

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