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How to Keep Hackers Away: A Step-by-Step Guide

In recent years, many of our clients have become more concerned about hackers and cyber crimes. They aren’t alone. Surveys show that U.S. companies lose billions to digital crime every year, and the number of companies affected – including Fortune 500 corporations, small businesses, and even government agencies – grows by the month.

However, that doesn’t mean you are powerless to prevent criminals from breaking into your website, servers, or computer files. In fact, there are a number of concrete steps you can take starting today to keep hackers away from your business. Let’s take a look at a handful of simple but effective protective measures you can put into place…


Invest in Staff Training

The weakest link in your cyber security plan probably isn’t a specific piece of hardware or software; it’s the bad habits you and your team might have. Firms like ours offer ongoing tech security training that teaches simple best practices you can use to close the door on hackers and make it harder for them to break it.


Take Password Policies Seriously

As we have written the past, strong passwords that are regularly changed can be a very effective first line of defense against computer criminals. It’s easy to rely on simple passwords, or use the same ones again and again, but this is an area where a little bit of planning and precaution can go a long way.


Put Firewalls and Security Software in Place

These are the digital equivalent of having strong locks and windows on your office. They might not prevent every hack, break in, or malware attempt, but you are far less likely to be targeted if you have basic security measures then you would be without them.


Avoid Suspicious Emails and Websites

When you or your employees visit untrustworthy websites, or open attachments from emails you don’t recognize, hackers are practically being invited into your business. This is a boring piece of advice but one that still holds up: don’t visit suspicious websites on work computers, and scrutinize every flash drive, file, or email attachment that comes your way.


Control Access to Your Office and Technology

Hackers don’t always get into your company through digital means. Sometimes they make their way into your office posing as service workers, job applicants, or even interns. Pay attention to the faces you see coming in and out of your company, and make sure that not just anyone (even your employees) can get access to important passwords or software applications.


Run Regular Updates and Backups

Hackers often look for businesses that are running outdated versions of existing software because they will have known security issues. That’s why you should always be updating your applications so you have the latest and strongest protections. Additionally, by running regular backups you can keep extra sets of your files that will be helpful in the event your company is hacked.


Keep an Eye on Your Accounts and Analytics

It’s bad enough to be hacked; it’s even worse if the online break-in goes undetected for days or weeks at a time. By regularly scanning your accounts and computer analytics you can be on the lookout for a regular activity that could be the first sign of a crime.


Rely on Your 24/7 Helpdesk

If all of this seems like a lot of work, remember that a good managed services vendor will set up these protections – and many more – on your behalf. Additionally, they’ll configure and monitor a 24/7 helpdesk and oversight system so you can be sure someone will always be looking out for your data security.


Is it Time for a Smarter IT Strategy?

Whether you’re looking to protect sensitive data, reduce technology expenditures, or just do away with nagging problems that slow your team’s productivity Kinetik IT can help. Our firm is one of the most trusted in Phoenix and beyond because we put our clients first. Contact us today to see how we can help your business develop a smarter tech strategy.

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