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3 Surprising Things Your Web Design Firm Can Help With

When you think of web design firms, or look for one to put together your next business website, you probably think of them as companies that create web pages. All in all, that's a pretty reasonable assumption, but one that sometimes overlooks a few of the other things a web design firm can help you with – small details that can make or break your online success.

Here are three things you might not have known your web design company can help you with:

Domain name research and registration. If you haven't had the chance or need to look around for a new URL lately, the competitive landscape might surprise you. It's gotten easier to find a premium, rent-controlled apartment in New York City than it is a natural-sounding domain name that is in use or being held hostage by someone hoping to cash it in. A good web design partner can help you find the domain you need – one that is easy to remember, represents your business, and makes it easier for search engines to find you.

Website hosting. Once you have a great site, does it really matter who's hosting it? Actually, it very much does. Many of our clients are surprised to find what a difference it makes, but quality web hosting can keep your site live all the time, keep you safer from hackers and spam, and even save you money when it comes to upgrades, maintenance, and other features. Any reputable web design firm is going to talk to you about hosting, but make sure you pay attention to what they have to say.

Logos and graphic design. It's not much use putting up a fantastic business website if your company logo looks terrible, or if you have print materials that look poor in comparison. Most web design companies can either help you fix the rest of your identity materials, or at least refer you to someone knowledgeable who can help you find something that fits your new look. If your next small business website is like a new car, then your other marketing materials are like the tires… make sure they're all in good enough shape to drive your company forward.