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5 Simple Link-Building Tricks For Elite Domain Authority

It used to be that the recipe for high search engine visibility was a simple one: have lots of keyword-rich content on your website and develop tons of inbound links.

Over the past few years and Google algorithm changes, those rules have changed a little bit. Content is still important, but your approach to sprinkling in search terms has to be more nuanced. And, Google is a lot more discriminating about which links it will count when considering the authority of your domain.

However, while some SEO consultants and business owners have taken this to mean that links don’t matter anymore, that’s not the right conclusion. In fact, links are more important to domain authority than ever before; you just have to have the right ones pointed at your website.

For that reason, today we're going to share five simple link-building tricks you can use to make your content stand out on Google and the other search engines…


#1 Create Link-Friendly Pages and Posts

The best way to generate links to your website is by posting fresh content that appeals to your target audience. Don’t just settle for putting articles on your blog, though. Make sure they have short titles, sustained page previews, and images that are easy to share.

Follow these rules and you'll make it much more likely that your readers will decide to link to your content from their own blogs and social media profiles.


#2 Promote New Content Releases

You can’t have links until you have visitors to your website. So, as you add fresh pieces of content – and particularly blog articles like this one containing industry news and insights – be sure to promote them. Post about them on your social media accounts and in your email newsletter. Consider adding buttons that generate instant inbound links.

The more viewership you get, and the more convenient it is for people to link to your content, the bigger online footprint you’ll generate with every update.


#3 Expand Your Reach with Guest Posts

Guest posting, which involves writing articles for someone else’s website or publication, has fallen out of favor in recent years. That’s because Google doesn’t treat links from low-quality forums with as much weight as they used to.

However, if you can place a post on a well-known site with a high Google page rank, the resulting back link is going to have quite a bit of SEO value. Additionally, it could help you drive more traffic to your website if readers like your ideas.


#4 Generate Media Attention

One of the simplest ways to get high-quality back links to your website is to get attention from the media. In particular, local news outlets and industry publications might be open to reporting on a new product, promotion, or special event you want to talk about.

You can earn this type of visibility by sending out press releases, or just by contacting editors who cover businesses like yours.


#5 Build Corroborating References for Google

Google uses multiple sources of information to determine things like a company’s location and reputation. So, by creating and maintaining accurate profiles with local business directories and industry guides you can give search engine users the information they need to find you online and decide to work with you.

Our firm can help you use automated software to establish and maintain these profiles and just a few minutes. That’s a small effort with a big payoff.


Want More Help With SEO and Online Marketing?

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