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4 Immediate Steps To Take If Your Computer Crashes

Few things are as aggravating to a business owner as seeing a computer crash in the middle of a busy workday. It’s the office equivalent of being stranded by the side of the road in your car. You might not know what the problem is, much less what you should do or who you should call.

As trusted experts in the field of business technology, we help our clients to deal with these kinds of situations every week. Today, we want to pass on four good pieces of advice you can use if your laptop, desktop, or workstation suddenly stops working the way it is supposed to…


#1 Don’t Panic or Do Anything Drastic

It’s natural to be filled with a sense of dread when your computer locks up. That’s especially true if you are in the middle of working on something important, irreplaceable, or time-sensitive.

Still, the most important thing is to stay calm. Chances are, your IT partner can get your computer working again, or at the very least retrieve your data. However, by taking drastic steps – like restarting your computer several times or opening up the case – you run the risk of causing permanent damage and making things worse.


#2 Make a Few Notes About the Situation

In most cases, a crashing computer will offer clues about why it isn’t working the way it’s supposed to. By making note of these you can expedite the process of getting back to work later.

Pay attention to any error messages you see. Note which pieces of software were running when the computer crashed, how long the device had been on, and even whether there were other events (like a power surge, for example) that occurred just before the crash. These can help you diagnose the problem and get things working again more quickly.


#3 Avoid Looking for Quick Solutions

Sometimes, business owners will do everything they can to avoid calling an IT vendor to deal with a computer crash. So, they’ll download diagnostic software, install new parts, or take other quick-fix steps to solve the issue alone.

These solutions might pay off once in a while, but it’s more likely that they’ll exasperate the problem while leading to wasted time and money. Your computers are important business assets filled with valuable (and potentially sensitive) data. It’s not worth it to mess with solutions that won’t give you any real help.


#4 Call the Small Business IT Experts

Given how easy it can be to destroy valuable pieces of business equipment, the best thing you can do for a crashing computer is call someone who has the right training and experience to fix it. They can help you get online faster and won't invalidate your warrantees by looking for solutions that are fast but unproven.

Even better, the right IT partner can help you prevent future crashes and freezes by permanently solving the problem and troubleshooting for other issues. Then, you won’t have to worry about dealing with these kinds of situations again in the future.


Want Better Care for Your Business Technology?

At Kinetik IT, we have spent more than a decade building a reputation as Arizona’s most trusted small business technology support team. If you want a group of committed professionals who are known for fast service and straightforward answers on your side, contact us today so we can schedule a free consultation and review your IT needs.

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