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How Managed IT Can Transform Your Company Almost Overnight

For business owners who haven’t yet made the switch, the move from traditional IT to a managed services agreement can seem like little more than a billing change. When you get the right package from the right company, though, it’s nothing less than a way to transform your entire company.

To understand why, the first thing you need is a grasp on what managed IT actually looks like. It’s a system in which you pay for monthly technology care rather than getting an invoice every time you need a service call. That’s not just a difference of rates, it’s an entirely separate philosophy. With managed IT care you're no longer on your own – you have a team of professionals working proactively to ensure you don’t have any tech problems. That’s a lot better than simply calling an outside company to come and repair issues as needed.

Let’s look at a few of the ways managed IT can transform your business almost overnight…


You No Longer Suffer from Nagging IT Problems

One big problem with traditional IT is that every technology problem leads to a question: is this important enough to call a technician for help?

That’s not the way a business owner should be thinking about their hardware and software. They should be demanding that everything works well and isn’t causing delays or interruptions. With a managed IT agreement in place, you have someone working proactively to resolve nagging issues so they don’t slow your business down.


You Have 24/7 Monitoring and Support

If you don’t have continuous IT coverage then it’s essentially up to you to detect any technology problems you might be dealing with, even if they revolve around things you might not completely understand like hardware installation or cyber security.

Contrast that with the care you get from a good managed services agreement. Under that kind of system you have the security of round-the-clock remote systems monitoring and access to a 24/7 helpdesk so you can always get the answers and support you need.


You Can Make Better Technology Plans and IT Budgeting Forecasts

An underappreciated aspect of managed IT is that you get regular consulting sessions where tech experts can help you to understand how you can use technology like new apps and mobile devices to reach your business goals. Additionally, you’ll get personalized advice on investments and tech budgeting.

If you've ever had the feeling that you don’t know whether you're spending enough on IT or using the right devices and software, this is something you’ll definitely appreciate.


Technology Becomes a Competitive Strength

Far too many business owners think of tech as something they have to have but don’t really understand and wish they didn’t have to pay for. With a managed IT plan in place, you can use hardware and software more efficiently than your competitors, turning it into a point of strength for your small business.

Entrepreneurs need every edge they can get, particularly in the digital age. Why not give yourself a head start over your colleagues?


Want to Know More about Managed IT Care?

At Kinetik IT in Phoenix we work hard to help our clients succeed. So, if you want a tech strategy that focuses on your bottom line rather than the latest gadgets or buzzwords, contact us today to set up a meeting and see what we can do for you and your team.

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