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How Managed Services IT Saves You Time and Money

In the last few years, managed services agreements have changed the way IT is delivered – for both technology companies and our clients. The result has been a “win-win” for everyone, with companies getting more effective service at a lower price.

But, since some business owners and executives still don’t understand managed services, we’d like to take a moment to give you a quick overview of what you need to know…

The first thing you have to have is an understanding of how managed services actually works in the first place. The basic idea is that, instead of paying for billable hours every time you need technical help, you opt for a managed services plan that covers all of your IT needs for a given period of time. So instead of calling your vendor when you need repairs or encounter errors, you get regular service on an as-needed basis.

Because of that change, two great things can happen:

With Managed Services, You Get Better IT Care

When your IT partner doesn’t have to wait for you to call, they can be more proactive in assessing your hardware and software, dealing with any potential issues before they become problems. That’s a great thing for businesses because it means they can avoid outages and emergency billable hours, and it’s great for us because it means we can anticipate needs rather than trying to make last-minute repairs while under pressure to get a business running again.

Managed Services Lets You Plan Your IT Budget

If there’s one thing business owners and executives hate about IT, it’s the unpredictable costs. When things are running smoothly, you might pay nothing for your technology. But the minute something breaks, your IT budget goes out the window. With a managed services agreement, however, costs are predictable from month to month. That means you can forecast a budget without having to worry about unexpected jolts and emergency IT bills.

Although some business people don’t like the idea of paying for IT care every month when they aren’t used to it, a managed services agreement is virtually guaranteed to save you money over time. Not only is it going to lower your overall IT costs, but it’s also likely to make you and your team more productive than you’ve been in the past because you no longer have to worry about technology problems slowing you down.

To learn more about managed services, and what a customized plan for your business would look like, contact the Kinetik IT team today!

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