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Are Technical SEO Problems Holding Your Website Back?

Did you know that Google assesses over 200 different factors when determining whether your website is a good search result or not? While business owners tend to understand that content inbound links are important to their search visibility, many underestimate the impact of several technical factors that also come into play.

That’s bad news for business owners who don’t pay attention to things like website performance. However, it’s great news for those to want an easy way to get an online marketing edge over the competition.

Let’s look at seven technical issues that can cause Google to ignore your website, and what you can do to fix them…


#1 Slow Web Page Loading Times

Google likes websites that load quickly, and so do its users. If your layouts take a long time to display, particularly on mobile devices, you’ll have a hard time attracting traffic.

Luckily, slow website performance is usually easy to fix. By improving your web hosting package and optimizing images and text you may be able to shave seconds off of your delivery time.


#2 Non-Responsive Website Layouts

More than half of all web traffic comes from phones and tablets. If your website isn’t compatible with mobile devices than Google won’t present you as a viable result.

It’s not difficult to upgrade to a responsive web design that adapts itself based on screen size and browser type. But, it’s not a change you should put off if you haven’t made it already.


#3 Broken Links or Missing Pages

When you have links on your website that go nowhere, that’s a sign to Google that your content isn’t well-maintained or that your website has structural problems.

It can be surprisingly easy to overlook these kinds of problems if you’re examining a website with the naked eye. However, a good web design partner can use automated tools to spot any problems you might have.


#4 Page Redirects or Missing Referrals

In the same way, links or referrals to content that exists on your website (or beyond) has to be updated. If it isn’t, then your pages can’t be considered a reliable or useful resource for visitors.

This is another area where a web design partner can use detailed tools to identify problems and correct any issues that are hidden within the code in your website.


#5 Missing SSL Security

Over the past year, Google has started prioritizing websites with SSL (Secure Socket Layers) connectivity that encrypts any transfer of information. It’s just safer for users who might be sending things like email addresses or financial information.

SSL is inexpensive and can be added through your web hosting package with the help of a web design partner.


#6 Apps or Plug-ins that Don't Work

Over time the apps and plug-ins you've added to your website to increase functionality or marketing power might go out of date, conflict with one another, or simply stop working altogether. When that happens, Google reads it as an error on your site and a potential security risk.

As part of a website audit we can help identify problematic apps and help you to update, remove, or replace them.


#7 Content Duplication Errors

If your website has text or other content that has been “borrowed” from other websites – even your own – Google treats that as a signal that your pages aren’t unique results.

Of course, you can always write new content for your website, or work with online marketing specialists who can help you to craft a message that appeals to Google and real-life buyers.


Is Your Website Being Held Back or Pushed Ahead in the Search Engine Listings?

As we’ve already mentioned, these technical SEO factors can drag you down the search rankings or give you a boost that propels you ahead of your close competitors. If you don’t think you’re getting as many visits from Google as you should be, contact Kinetik IT today so we can arrange for a detailed website audit and get the answers you need.