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Kinetik IT Hosts First MVP Hour

We are lucky to have a rare Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) on our team at Kinetik I.T. Tom van Stiphout is one of 3,000 MVP's and one of less than 60 Access experts in the world to carry this title. 

Today we had the pleasure of hosting our first live video streaming session online called MVP Hour. Several participants, some MVP's as well, joined the session to ask Tom pointed technical questions related to Access Database, Simil, UI interfaces among other topics.  

We thank everyone who made our first experience successful and actually fun. Requests were made to do it again and to record the session, so that is our new plan. 

We will orchestrate monthly video streaming with questions brought in by everyone who wants to learn from Tom.  If you are one of them, please email questions to and stay tuned for announcements on coming dates.