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Which Internet Marketing Chores Have You Been Putting Off?

Most of us, if we're being honest, have a list somewhere in our home or office that basically amounts to a catalog of unfinished projects and unfulfilled expectations. Whether it's cleaning out the garage or losing an extra five pounds, a lot of us have unchecked items on our "to-do" reminders that always seem important enough to write down, but never quite critical enough to actually devote time and energy to.

Not surprisingly, we see the same kind of thing in the world of business web design and Internet marketing all the time. There are a number of small jobs that clients tend to put off taking care of, or don't bother sending our way. The difference here, though, is that failing to attend to them can actually create some long-term difficulties when it comes to attracting online buyers, keeping up search engine optimization, etc.

With that in mind, here are a handful of Internet marketing "chores" that you should make sure you're taking care of right away:

Getting rid of broken links and erroneous pages. Not only do broken links lead customers to dead ends in your business website, but they do harm to your Google search engine rankings. Now is the perfect time to prune them, and to get rid of any missing or out-of-date information on your web pages at the same time.

Finally putting your blog back on track. Most companies start their blogs with high hopes, but abandon them once they realize how much time and trouble it takes to keep generating new content. Few things are better for tracking search engine visitors than producing new blog posts, though, so it's time to get your content plan back on track.

Filling in your social media profiles. If you have incomplete profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, now is the time to put a bit of energy into each one. That's particularly true for Google+, which is largely ignored by businesses despite its extraordinary potential.

Uploading a new marketing video to YouTube. Besides being owned by Google and considered "the world's second-largest search engine," YouTube shows billions of videos a day and is a great way to introduce yourself to new potential customers. Isn't it time you uploaded a clip that shows off your products or expertise?

We won't lie: We could probably go on and add a dozen other items, but then most of you might not ever start on your list, much less finish it. So, why don't we get together this month and see what we can do to get your Internet marketing plan in order?
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