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5 Ways to Get Customers to Recommend You on Google

Surveys show that almost 90% of buyers will read an online review before they make a purchase, appointment, or walk-in visit to a business they don’t already know. And, Google currently gets more than three-quarters of all search traffic in North America. Put those two facts together and it’s obvious that Google reviews should be a cornerstone of your online marketing effort.

That’s straightforward enough, but gathering feedback from customers isn’t always so simple. Even though buyers like reading reviews, they rarely take the time to leave them. When they do, it’s usually because they are dissatisfied, not because they want to share a great experience with others.

Knowing that, how can you get customers to recommend you on Google? Today, we are going to share five simple tips you can use to boost and improve your Google review profile right away…


#1 Ask Them for Their Testimonials

Sometimes the clearest solution is the most effective one. Often, even your most committed customers might not realize just how important it is for your company to get good reviews and testimonials. By simply asking them to go online to your Google business profile and say something nice, you might be able to convince some of them to take a moment to do so. This can be especially effective with your happiest customers, who in turn tend to leave the best reviews.


#2 Give Them Hassle-Free Customer Service

If you’re smart you can turn a negative into a positive by handling any customer service request quickly and efficiently. Make it a point to correct every problem and clear up any misunderstandings within a very short period of time. Buyers won’t just be impressed when you exceed their expectations; they’ll often tell the world about it.


#3 Hold a Contest or Raffle

You can get into a lot of trouble paying for positive reviews for your business. However, there’s nothing unethical or problematic about incentivizing buyers to leave honest feedback. You could hold a raffle, contest, or drawing for reviewers so long as there isn’t any necessity for them to give up a certain star rating or perspective in return. People love free things, and a giveaway can be great for your review profile.


#4 Make Your Google Business Page Prominent

Sometimes, the easiest way to get more reviews is to simply make sure buyers know where to leave them. In other words, by filling out your Google business page with details like photos, logos, current addresses, and website links, you make it easier for customers who have worked with you to find your business and share their opinions. At the same time, taking these steps makes it more likely new customers will find you, too.


#5 Add Links to Your Google Business Page

Even when you aren’t necessarily making a big push to get more reviews, you should have lots of links to your Google business page for customers to find. You might include them on the home page of your website, and your social media feeds, and even in your email signature. You don’t want buyers to have to hunt for your information, and some of them might decide to leave a testimonial after they’ve been prompted to do so a half-dozen times.


Is Your Online Reputation as Strong as it Could Be?

If you get the feeling that your online reputation – the reviews and feedback buyers have left about your business – isn’t helping your business as much as it could be, then it’s time to make a change. Contact the online marketing experts at Kinetik IT in Phoenix, Arizona today to see how we can help!

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