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Why Remote Backups Make Your Company Safer

Remote backups have become the most popular (and cost-effective) way for companies to keep their data safe in the last few years. And yet, a lot of businesses are fighting this trend. Some are doing so out of the sheer reluctance to embrace change, while others mistakenly believe that they are better protected with tape backup drives and other in-office solutions.

If you fall into either of those categories, we want to tell you that now is the time to start thinking differently. Switching to a remote backup system makes your business and its data much, much more secure. Here are just a few of the most important reasons why:

You’re Safer From Accidents 

When you rely on backup drives within your own office, you’re essentially betting that anything that destroys your saved files is going to somehow leave your backup drive unaffected. That’s just not realistic. Every year, millions of businesses lose data to floods, fires, tornadoes, break-ins, and other issues. Having your data stored safely at a remote location gives you an extra layer of redundancy you might need some day.

Our Cloud Facility Is More Secure Than Your Office

Most business offices have only a minimal amount of security, and even less protection for sensitive computer equipment. A remote backup cloud facility, on the other hand, has the proper ventilation, climate control, automated fire response, on-site security personnel, 24/7 monitoring by trained IT professionals, and enormous backup power reserves. That means your files are far more protected in our cloud facility than they would ever be sitting on a drive in your office or facility.

It’s Much Harder to Steal Data From a Cloud Facility

A lot of business people worry that their data is going to be stolen when it’s transmitted back and forth through the cloud. However, because your stored files are sent to our facility using bank-level encryption, they are highly unlikely to be compromised. Chances are, our security is several times stronger than anything you use in your business communications or data storage.

Remote Backups Get You Working Again Faster

It’s not unusual to find that, after an incident in which data is lost, a company is unable to retrieve or use their own backups. In contrast, our remote backup systems are tested and validated regularly. We have set procedures designed to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, so you can be online at full strength and back to profitability much faster than you would otherwise.

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