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The recently-released book by Canadian journalist and editor Michael Harris, The End of Absence: Reclaiming What We've Lost in a World of Constant Connection, goes in-depth about a topic many of us think about on a regular basis: our predilection for staying connected. Whether by social media, email, various apps, or texting, our days are filled—from the moment we wake up until we sleep—with information and communication.

In the book Harris writes, "Every revolution in communication technology -- from papyrus to the printing press to Twitter -- is as much an opportunity to be drawn away from something as it is to be drawn toward something. And yet, as we embrace a technology's gifts, we usually fail to consider what we're giving up in the process. Why would we bother to register the end of solitude, of ignorance, of lack? Why would we care that an absence had disappeared?" And, while the questions are valid ones, how much of the information we gather from our connectedness is valuable, or even useful?

Toward the end of the book, Harris takes a month-long media sabbatical. He doesn’t have any great epiphany, nor does he lament the current state of affairs. Rather, he simply names the thing that’s happening, and puts his own spin on it by calling attention to the generation that understands the Before and After Internet (a birth year of 1985 being the cutoff), and discussing their unique characteristics.

While there may be things we’ve lost in our world of constant connection, there’s also much to be gained. In the end, technology is simply a tool to be utilized to the best of our ability, but how we use it can make all the difference. By spreading information and raising awareness, our connectedness can change the world, or many lives—or even just one life.

At Kinetik I.T. we understand the importance of this “connectedness”.  Most of our clients rely on it to not only do business with their customers, but also to improve the quality of services they provide.  We know the information data era we live in will only grow larger as people become more dependent on the tools used to interact with each other.  Finding the value and usefulness in this technology to positively enhance the world we live in is the only way we want to do business. We strive to do inspiring work for the companies and individuals who entrust their own inspiring work to us.  

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