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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

It could be as big as a powerful weather event. It could be something as small as a car crashing into a power line just a few miles from your business. It could be as simple as an equipment failure. No matter what the cause, though, it all adds up to one thing for your company – disaster. Take a moment to imagine your company without power or access to your data for 12 hours. Multiply that. Imagine your business without access to any of that for 24 hours. 48 hours? It seems like just a day or two of downtime shouldn’t do that much damage to your company, but the simple reality is that it can and will.

Enter disaster recovery planning.

Every single business, no matter how small or large, has to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan today. That problematic event is literally just around the corner. It doesn’t take much, and learning how to make certain your business will survive is an absolute must.  

Wondering how to get started when you’re already spending each day trying to stay afloat in a problematic economy? It’s an overwhelming prospect, but we can help.

The premiere IT consulting company in Phoenix, we can be here from start to finish. Take a moment to look at the services we offer.

  • Planning: Easily the most important phase of disaster recovery, we know that you may not be familiar with how to match your needs with the technology that can help. We’ll help decide what your risks are and how to protect your company, as well as how to budget for those expenses.

  • Documentation: You can plan forever, but if you don’t actually document what has to be done, you can’t respond to disaster as well as you’d like. We’ll help you get an inventory of your assets together as well as show what backup technologies are in use and the process that must occur should disaster finally hit.

  • Implementation: It can be tough to know what to do once it hits, but we’ll work with your staff members to implement all of your solutions so that what should happen in the event of a disaster actually does happen.

  • Testing: You want to make certain that you actually know what to do when disaster strikes, so we’ll help with this phase too. Once things are implemented, we can help you understand how well the backups work and exactly how the data is restored. We can even do this periodically to help test plan updates.

      You don’t want to be left in shambles when a disaster occurs, no matter how small your company or your IT budget may be. To learn more about our IT consulting and disaster recovery planning services contact us at or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.




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