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4 Things You Get From Upgraded Hosting

To a lot of people who aren’t familiar with the details of web design and IT, web hosting is essentially the technology version of milk and eggs – something that’s on the shopping list with a new website, but to be purchased wherever it’s cheapest or most convenient.

All web hosting isn’t the same, though, and in fact even the packages offered by different providers (like Kinetik IT) can vary quite a bit. What’s more, getting the right web hosting for your business can save you time, money, and stress.

To help you understand why, let’s look at four things you get from upgraded hosting plans:

#1 Faster Web Performance

A lot of business owners and managers don’t realize this, but better web hosting often leads to faster website loading times. That means your customers can get to your content quicker, and that your website could benefit from a higher search engine ranking. Why? Because Google and the other search engines look at page loading times (along with hosting reliability and other related factors) and factor them into search algorithms. There are no downsides to having your website work more quickly and efficiently for visitors.

#2 Tighter Online Security

One of the biggest “hidden” features of an upgraded web hosting package is that you get dedicated on a server, or even your own server altogether. That means you don’t have to share space with a virtual “neighbor” who might not use the same kind of online security protocols as you do, or may not be as reputable. Sometimes, having a wall between yourself and other businesses makes good sense, especially when it comes to servers and web hosting.

#3 More Back-End Power

Because standard web servers are configured to work a certain way, and with certain kinds of software, you may be constrained as to which types of apps and tools you can use. That’s rarely the case with upgraded hosting and dedicated servers. Once you have a better package in place, you and your IT team are free to utilize any tool or technology that can help your company grow. In some businesses and industries, this can be a huge benefit, and one that can make your company safer and more profitable at the same time.

#4 Cost-Effective E-commerce and Programming Power

Along with the flexibility we just mentioned, it’s important to note that upgraded hosting allows for custom programming and e-commerce solutions to be installed. That means you can get more control over your online store, put tighter web security in place, and take full advantage of things like databases that help you track and contact buyers. Each of these becomes possible, or at least easier, with the right hosting platform.

You probably don’t think about web hosting all that often, which is understandable. But, considering all the benefits you can get from an upgraded hosting package – and the very slight differences in costs between the different levels of service – doesn’t it make sense to at least explore your options and see if you could get a better deal?

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