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3 FAQs About Cloud Computing and Data Centers

Forget being the biggest IT trend of the past decade – cloud computing might be the most important evolution of business and technology to come along since the initial Internet boom.

Even though cloud computing is seemingly everywhere, it’s something a lot of business owners and non-IT executives don’t quite understand. And so, next to the excitement they have about saving time and money, many of the men and women we meet with are a little bit confused and nervous when it comes to understanding the finer details of “the cloud.”

To help clear up some of the confusion, here are three frequently asked questions about cloud computing and data centers:


1. Does It Matter Where My Data Center Is Located?

 There are a lot of data centers out there, from facilities located here in Arizona to others situated halfway around the world. Generally speaking, it doesn’t really matter where your data center is located, so long as you have a strong, secure web connection. However, things like climate, politics, the availability of trained engineers, and language barriers can all come into play if you ever have an issue. For that reason, you’ll probably want a local IT team coordinating things, regardless of where your data center is located.


2. Is It Safe to Send Files Into the Cloud?

 Business people often worry about transmitting their files to a remote data center, fearing that sensitive information will be stolen or compromised. While it’s good to think about cyber security and all its aspects, the reality is that reputable data centers use bank-level encryption, and your files are very, very unlikely to be seen by unauthorized parties. In fact, they are probably much more secure being sent and stored at a good data center than they could possibly be in your own office or facility.


3. Should We Use Local Backups Along With Our Data Center?

Although some business people feel more comfortable having local copies of their most important files, a good IT partner is going to set you up with a reliable remote backup system that’s fast, secure, and effective. In most cases, keeping files around your own office is actually a liability, as it entails an extra expense and your backup drive can be stolen by thieves or vandals.

With cloud computing and data centers, most worries about security are unfounded, and having the right one is a great way to save your business time and money. However, not just any data center will do – you need the right IT partner on your side to enjoy these benefits and the reliability you deserve.

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