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How To Export Email Addresses from Microsoft Outlook

Q: How To Export Email Addresses from Outlook?


A: Go into Outlook and Select "File" from the top menu. Select "Import and Export", then export to a file and select Excel file. One can export out of Outlook all the emails received. This will create and Excel file with a column that has the from email address on it. Once in an Excel file, you can manipulate the data.


Charity Rating Web Site Gives Insight in Potential Abuse of Charity Funds

I do not know if any members are interested in or contributing to charity organizations. Early May 2009, the AZ Republic published a huge article about charity organizations and the abuse of funds by certain charity organizations. Impressive detective work and journalism at its best.
If you are interested, the web site that is extremely helpful and worth checking out, is: I have used it frequently in the last year to determine which charities are the most effective in using the funds for their intended purposes.
Another organization that is very impressive, dealing with micro-financing of entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries, is An amazing organization.
Enjoy and spread the word!