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Microsoft Certified IT Partner

A quotation by author John Gardner proclaims, “Mastery is not something that strikes in an instant, like a thunderbolt, but a gathering power that moves steadily through time, like weather.” To work toward a mastery of our chosen craft, at Kinetik I.T., we maintain the training and knowledge base that comes as a Microsoft Certified Partner. 

To the layperson, the distinction may not sound like much; within the I.T. world, however, gaining the Microsoft Partner status is an accomplishment that exemplifies a dedication to quality and continuous improvement, as individuals and as a company.  To become certified, a company must be established in business for a minimum of five years, demonstrate exemplary customer service, have attained advanced training and passed certain exams. 

The program was launched in October 2003 and offers special access, training, and support to members of its Partner Network. Microsoft describes these partners as independent companies that can provide customers with the highest levels of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and hands-on skills. They encompass a broad range of expertise and vendor affiliations and their real world perspective can help customers prioritize and effectively deliver technology solutions. 

In 1993, Kinetik I.T. became one of the first Microsoft Certified Solution Providers in the Valley and we have maintained the partnership for over 18 years. As such we have direct access to Microsoft’s Solution Channels. Our full-time staff includes Microsoft Certified Professionals, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developers, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers, Microsoft Certified Computer Network Technicians and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP).

Located in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, Kinetik I.T. is a full-service information technology and internet services provider, offering a wide array of technology and internet strategy solutions, as well as sound advice.  To learn more about services and products, and to stay up to date with Kinetik IT, visit or follow Kinetik on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.



Kinetik IT: Delivering Quality and Fostering Relationships

Josette van Stiphout, President of Kinetik IT, fell in love with technology as a junior programmer in the late 80s; shortly thereafter, she founded the Phoenix-Scottsdale area company that would become Kinetik IT.  “We were one of the first Microsoft-Certified Partners in the valley,” she said of the company’s beginnings. “They called it Solution Providers then. Initially, we were named Mach 2 Systems and in 2000, it was time to change the company’s identity to reflect the mission and vision for the company. The dynamic shifts in the software, technology and e-commerce industry caused us to evaluate where we wanted to be in then years. We were seeing many exciting changes in our industry that helped businesses of all sizes become more successful through utilizing technology. We wanted a name that helped to convey that by putting people, ideas and technology into motion, we are supporting the future success of Arizona businesses.

A front-runner in Microsoft Windows software development, web design, web application development and IT services, Kinetik IT is now a full-service information-technology and internet services provider, offering a wide array of technology and web services. 

Kinetik IT has always made a goal of fostering productive business relationships, on both ends of the spectrum – seeking out employees who embody efficiency and passion for their work, and developing custom software and database systems and building long-term solutions for clients by uncovering and catering to their most important needs.

Kinetik IT designs custom software solutions – bridging the gap between marketing and technology – and developing desktop, web applications and mobile solutions to optimize organization and revolutionizing the way clients do business.

To learn more about services and products, and to stay up to date with Kinetik IT, visit or follow Kinetik on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.